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Welcome to the UAE's First AR Gift & Keepsakes Experience!

Our signature designs, from mesmerizing Mosaic Soundwave arts to expressive word art and captivating moon phases diagrams, are not just decorations – they’re memories waiting to be cherished.

We strive to bring joy to every occasion and help people celebrate their special moments in unique and meaningful ways

Our mission is to curate a diverse selection of high-quality products that express love, appreciation, and celebration

Each creation is a story waiting to be told, an experience waiting to be shared. Step into a new era of gifting with us

Signature Designs

Our signature designs, including the mesmerizing Mosaic Soundwave arts, expressive word art, moon phases diagrams that capture the passage of time, and the unique Mosaic photos Art. These designs are more than decorations; they are memories waiting to be cherished

Augmented Reality Art

We have extended our gifting and art offering into the AR dimension, now with this new technology called Augmented reality , you can request your Art piece to have an interactive video/image/3d object to be shown off once you scan the art piece with your mobile/tablet camera.

Our Story

Founded by Sara K., a mom, architect, artist, and graphic designer, we create personalized gifts that are more than just stuff

Sara’s passion for meaningful gifts led her to establish Gifto Designs. She envisioned gifts that transcended mere objects, aiming to craft treasures brimming with cherished memories. This drive inspired her to conceive an array of innovative ideas for personalized gifts.

One of these ingenious creations is the Mosaic Soundwave arts. These stunning pieces resemble colorful waves, but they’re far more than mere decorations. They have the remarkable ability to capture sounds – from your favorite song to the joyful laughter of a child. Each piece is a symphony of color and emotion, preserving precious moments in visual form.

In addition to sound, Sara also captures the essence of words. Through expressive word art, she transforms your favorite quotes or sentiments into beautiful pieces that adorn your walls. These serve as gentle reminders of what truly matters in life.


Sara’s creativity doesn’t stop there. She also offers moon phases diagrams, depicting the ever-changing shapes of the moon as it travels through the night sky. These diagrams serve as a poignant reminder of the passage of time and the moments that define our lives.

Last but not least, there’s the Mosaic photos Art – a unique fusion of photography and mosaic design. Sara meticulously pieces together your favorite photos to create a stunning visual mosaic, encapsulating a lifetime of memories in a single frame.

At Gifto Designs, Sara pours her heart and soul into every creation, ensuring that each piece is imbued with love and meaning. These gifts aren’t just objects; they’re reflections of your most cherished moments, expertly crafted to be treasured for a lifetime.

About Us

Gifto Designs is more than just a gifting company – it’s a journey through personalized, interactive, and unique memory-saving treasures. Our popular designs come with unique codes or augmented reality (AR) elements that add an extra layer of excitement.

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