Press Release

This was an interview on Fujairah TV, Sabah al watan show, I have been asked about what is the Digital art and how it changed the gifting concept, and asked about the Augmented Reality gifting concept and how exciting it is.

Growing up in Dubai, Sara Elkhatib had always wanted to be an architect. She graduated from the College of Engineering, Abu Dhabi University with a distinction, but then life had other plans in store for her. As a young mother, Sara found herself taking an interest in personalized livable art gifts using augmented reality. She started experimenting by using voices, sounds, photographs and videos of people and incorporating them into customized art forms. “Because of my passion for graphics and arts, I kept on learning new things and enrolled in new courses and with the support of my husband realised my true passion,” says Sara.

Sara’s specialised artwork pieces includes “sound waves art” and special customised “mosaics art” pieces. She says, “I turn people’s voices into soundwaves and these soundwaves are then turned into art in a form of a physical frame or a gift,” explains Sara who displays her work on her Instagram page gifto.designs. Read More…