About Gifto Designs

Customized , Unique , Interactive Gifts !

Soundwave father and son

Owned with love by an Architect! , designer! , and an artist !  here’s where Gifto.Designs started , in the heart of Dubai , under a mission to spread a smile on your , and your gift receivers Face .

Gifto Designs  is a Dubai gifting company established by Architect Sara .k in Dubai (a Mommy , An architect , an artist , and a graphic designer !) , we specialize in making personalized , interactive , and unique memory saving gifts , for you , your and your loves ones ,under any occasion! we have now drawn a smile on the faces of  hundreds of clients in UAE and all over the word with our heartmade  unique artistic gifts !

Some of our popular Art designs are ; the Mosaic Soundwave arts , word art , the moon phases diagrams, Mosaic photos Art ,  the location on globe on a certain occasion most of these designs come with a unique code or AR that you can scan an  play the hidden message inside (yes ! its that awesome) , and we all  do customized designs and graphic design services as well like (logo  designs , video editing and brand identity!) so don’t hesitate to contact us today  


We can’t wait to draw a smile on your face as well !

Sara . k


Our mission is all about Empowering Gifting, Inspiring Joy: At Giftodesigns.com, we are committed to creating unforgettable moments through thoughtful and personalized gifts. Our mission is to curate a diverse selection of high-quality products that express love, appreciation, and celebration. With innovation, creativity, and exceptional customer service at our core, we strive to bring joy to every occasion and help people connect and celebrate their special moments in unique and meaningful ways.”


Envisioning a World of Heartfelt Connections: Our vision at Giftodesigns.com is to become a globally recognized platform that fosters emotional bonds through the art of gifting. We aspire to be the go-to destination for individuals seeking inspired, personalized gifts that touch hearts and leave lasting impressions. By continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity and embracing cutting-edge technology, we envision a future where every gift exchanged becomes a cherished symbol of love, gratitude, and celebration, strengthening relationships and spreading joy worldwide.”